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Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA

NBO Trainer Claudia Gold, is the Director of the “Hello it’s me, Project”, a community-based initiative to promote healthy parent-infant relationships from birth in Western Massachusetts. Claudia has designed a population-based study to evaluate the effects of the NBO on parent’s confidence around the birth of a baby over the first 5 months of life. NBO training will be led by Claudia and Aditi Subramaniam in Pittsfield, Mass. Sept 14-15 , 2019

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

NBO training will be led by Lise Johnson and J. Kevin Nugent at Corniche Hospital, Abu Dhabi, September, 2019. The NBO training has been endorsed by the Family Development Foundation (FDF). This initiative will also include an RCT, designed to test out the influence of the NBO system on the mother-infant and the father-infant relationship and on postpartum depression among UAE parents.

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Brest, France

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The new France NBO training site will be inaugurated in Brest, on June 3-4, 2019. The new site will be under the direction of Professor Jacques Sizun, Universite de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO). The NBO Training will be led by Master Trainer Yvette Blanchard. The initial NBO training was conducted in Brest by Yvette Blanchard and Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern in May 2017.

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Tipperary, Ireland

The first NBO training to be conducted in Ireland, will be sponsored by the Tipperary Infant Mental Health Project, under the direction of Katherine O’Daly, who is the Coordinator of the Tipperary Infant Mental Health Project. The NBO faculty consists of Deanna Gibbs, Emily Hills and J. Kevin Nugent and the training will be held in Clonmel, Ireland on May 28-29th., 2019. The NBO training will be preceded by the Tipperary Infant Mental Health National Symposium, "Building an Infant Mental Health Community: Learning to Listen to Babies, Parents and Ourselves” to be held at the Clonmel Park Hotel on Monday May 27 th.. Speakers include Deanna Gibbs, Emily Hills, J. Kevin Nugent, Rosarii O'Donnell-Connorton, Naomi Burke, Catherine Maguire, Katherine Harford, Mary Fanning and Hazel Murphy. The Tipperary Infant Mental Health Steering Group is made up of representatives from the Psychology Department in the HSE in Clonmel, Tusla, Clonmel Community Resource Centre, Cuan Saor Domestic Violence Service, Clonmel Community Mothers Programme and Barnardos.

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Oslo, Norway

NBO - Nasjonalt vedlikeholdsseminar 2019 I Oslo - Målet med seminaret er å skape en møteplass der vi kan dele og spre NBO erfaringer og få litt nytt påfyll. A conference organized by NBO Master Trainers Kari Slinning and Unni Tranaas-Vannebo, will take place in Oslo on May 23 rd 2019. This will followed by a day devoted to Mentoring of NBO Trainers, with Kevin Nugent, Kari Slinning and Unni Tranaas-Vannebo, to take place on May 24 th .

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Plymouth and Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA

NBO training for two cohorts is being offered in response to an invitation from the Perinatal Substance Use Initiative, Division of Pregnancy, Infancy, and Early Childhood, Bureau of Family Health and Nutrition, Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Cohorts 1 and 2 NBO Training will be conducted by Jayne Singer and Claudia Gold, in Plymouth and Greenfield Mass, Massachusetts in May and June, 2019.

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Beverly, Massachusetts, USA

In the “Moms Do Care” Project at Beverly Hospital, Beverly, Mass., Jayne Singer and Beril Bayrak conducted NBO training on May 1-2, 2019. The Integrative Care Program/HPC Moms Do Care provides treatment for pregnant and postpartum women with substance use disorder,including women currently using opiates as well as those in recovery.

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Shanghai, China

Shanghai General Hospital - Lise Johnson demonstrates the NBO with new Family and NBO trainees

Shanghai General Hospital - Lise Johnson demonstrates the NBO with new Family and NBO trainees

NBO training was organized by Root Medical China and conducted by Lise Johnson and Kevin Nugent at Shanghai First Hospital, Shanghai, China, March 25-27 th , 2019. Participants included Dr. Wenhong Cheng and her research team from the Shanghai Mental Health Centre, who are preparing to conduct an RCT to study the effects of the NBO on postpartum depressions among a range of outcome variables. Lise Johnson and Kevin Nugent also spoke at the First Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Symposium, Shenzhen, China on March 24 th , 2019.

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Boston, Massachusetts

Jayne Singer and Constance H. Keefer presented NBO training at Harvard Medical School, March 4-5 th , 2019. Aditi Subramaniam and Constance Keefer also offered NBO training on April 17-18 th at Harvard Medical School.

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Lima, Peru

Alex Harrison led NBO training at Maternidad, Lima, Peru, Feb 26-27 , 2019.

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San Salvador, El Salvador

Alex Harrison conducted NBO training at the Hospital Centro Ginecológico en Medicos de El Salvador, San Salvador on Feb 21-22, 2019. According to Dr. Harrison, “My trip was magical. I got so much wonderful experience with NBO and also I came to believe in it as a helpful tool in a new way. I thought very highly of it before, but after the response of the nurses and doctors and social workers in these three institutions, I saw the enormous value of the NBO as a practical means of bringing what they call a “humanitarian”approach into their daily work with infants and their families. You would have been amazed at the response we got”.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

The new Denmark NBO Training Program site has been established under the direction of Inge Nickell and Merethe Winter. To mark this historic occasion, NBO training was offered to Danish health care professionals at Dansk Resources-Denmark, Copenhagen, by Inge and Merethe on January 28-29, 2019.