Alex Harrison shares some of the written responses offered by the doctors at the end of the program in Sans Salvador:

“I am thankful for these new concepts. It is fascinating to think of the angels and ghosts in the nursery and the possibility of change in the future with these interventions.”

“Thank you for that valuable help for parents in the few days after birth, when they don’t now what is happening with their babies. I was interested to observe how each baby acted differently and the parents were aware that every baby acted differently. I hope to use this in my practice.”

"Thanks for this tool. I liked most the empowerment that families get from this tool. It reinforced the positive features of the baby. The mothers becomes not only caregivers but also observers of their babies.”

"The lessons learned on how to recognize babies as individuals and not just eating, crying, and pooping machines. That babies can communicate with their behavioral cues and that thesis going to establish communication that can get better in the future.” 

“Thank you for the opportunity to learn this practical and easy tool. You can get a lot of benefits from infant and parent clinical observations. We can incorporate this into our work. This should be a program, and we should start doing this.”