We are an international network - a global community of practice - made up of clinicians and researchers, who work with infants and their families in hospital, clinic and community settings around the world.  Because early experiences can either enhance or diminish innate potential, we believe that an understanding of the baby, of the baby’s behavior and a responsiveness to the baby’s developmental needs can be key elements in the support healthcare professionals can offer parents, at a time when the very bases for parental executive functioning are being established.  We believe that the perinatal period may be the intervention point par excellence and that the Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO) system and/or the Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale (NBAS) are powerful strength-based clinical tools (and in the case of the NBAS, a research tool, also) that can enable healthcare professionals to work with new parents and their babies in order to strengthen families and communities.


In order to improve the care of children worldwide, our goal is to build up our community network by:

  • supporting theory-building and refining our understanding of our work with infants and parents

  • refining our professional training models and developing and sharing high-quality educational materials

  • conducting collaborative research to support evidence-based practice 

  • advocating for fair funding for public health directed to infants and their families, especially children living in prolonged poverty, children exposed to abuse and neglect, children with disabilities, children from some Minority Ethnic communities, who face bigger risks to their mental health than others.  


 We would like to invite you to participate in our network and to join us as we launch our website. We want you to share your ideas on the NBO and NBAS, on professional training; to share news from your region or country, your thoughts on training and mentoring, certification news, clinical experiences, research and all topics related to the NBO and NBAS. We would therefore like to invite you to contribute to the Blog section.  In this section, you will find the Trainers Forum (for Trainers) and a Voices from the Field section, which will highlight any firsthand clinical vignettes and experiences from practice with either the NBO or the NBAS. In addition, we invite you to send your news to the In the News section (we have just added the first set of reports and will continue to update these as we hear from you). Please check out the Remembering Berry - the First Anniversary (in the Network segment) which includes your tributes on the occasion of the one-year anniversary of Berry Brazelton’s passing.

Inspired by Berry Brazelton’s vision, we are committed to the notion that that relationships represent the neural network of our organization, because they establish our capacity for participation, engagement, and interconnectedness.  Within this context, we want to establish open access to everyone in our network, to promote diversity of all kinds, create networks and webs of dialogue, interaction, and generative communication. This website provides a forum for on-line discussion and conversation among members of our network worldwide.  

Contact us at newborninfantnetwork@gmail.com